• Angela Bontempo

Amazon's Luxury & Professional Beauty Categories you need to know about

So I was always skeptical to point my clients to Amazon for their hair, nail and skin product purchases until I stumbled upon their "luxury Hair Care" and Beauty Professional" categories. After a bit of digging, I discovered that these categories contain items actually sold by the Professional Hair, Nail and Skin Care lines that we all buy, from our Service Professionals!

Under a listing, within these categories, If there is a Salon or Spa in your area that carries the product you are viewing, they will include that in the listing. How cool is that!? You can actually go visit the salon in your area that carries the products you know, trust and love.

If that isn't giving credit where credit is due, then I don't know what is!

That's when I had my "Aha" moment.

"If you can't beat'em, join'em!"

I had all but given up on selling retail in my little studio. I just didn't have enough traffic to make it seem worth it to keep a large amount of inventory. I hated seeing the money just sitting on the shelves because my clients were buying from T.J. Maxx and Amazon. I was just not interested in competing with large retailers (even though my prices were comparable or in some cases, less expensive) Nor did I want to keep giving them my "Sch-peal" every visit on what "Diversion" is.

I'll give you a glimpse as to what is listed in each category and then you can go and play around on Amazon. I recommend using your desktop. You'll have an easier time scanning all of the options because the interface is so much better visually than your small phone screen.

In the image below, you'll see where to navigate to first. hover your mouse over "Departments"

Then, scroll down and hover over "Beauty & Health"

Next, you'll see over to the right of that drop down menu that you have 3 options in the Beauty & Health Categories: Luxury Beauty, Professional Skincare and Salon & Spa.

If you click on "Salon and Spa" then choose a category. Click on an item that interests you and you'll notice the Highlighted text under the price in the listing that reads "Professional Beauty" In this case, Epicuren is selling their own products on Amazon.

Below you'll see the option "Find a Professional" Click there and you can enter your zip code to see if there is a Professional Salon or Spa in your area that carries the item your looking for.

I entered my area code and 3 Spa's in my area that I know and can confirm carry these products, popped up.

The other category "Luxury Beauty" has an array of top of the line retailers for Hair, Nails and Skin.

Now I leave the searching in your hands. Go familiarize yourself with these options and never make the mistake of purchasing from a source other than the Professional Beauty Company, themselves. You never know what you're going to get.

Honestly, I am so glad I discovered these categories. I'm a small business that doesn't have to sit idly by and watch money go out the door to large retailers anymore.

To help keep my studio doors open, I have become an Amazon Affiliate! I now feel confident suggesting products through my Amazon Affiliate links that will keep my beautiful clients from purchasing diverted products. Instead they will be purchasing authentic hair, skin and nail care items that aren't expired.

Until next time, stay classy everyone,