• Angela Bontempo

Two Lips Salon Suite


I'm Angela! My infant blog and I are so pleased you've stopped by to see what kind of mumbo jumbo we have to say!

About me...well I am 38, engaged to 46 year old hottie named Brant whom I met online. He is my biggest supporter. Neither of us has been married or has children, SCORE!!!! I work as a HairStylist with 11 years under my belt. I take pride in educating myself everyday through articles and how to videos from reputable professional sites consisting of Hair, Blogging and Marketing.

I am a woman who has always had that entrepreneurial spirit. I was the girl sitting and reading books about home based business's while sitting on the beach at 18 years old. I'm a bit quirky, persnickety and a bit of a spark plug:) An extrovert 90% of the time, introvert the other 10%. I sing "Helloooo" when I greet people (I was known as the singing waitress when I waited tables.) I also speak in multiple accents (not languages) including Southern Drawl, English, British, Australian and I try my hand at Scottish but usually fail.

My entrepreneurial mind accompanied with that of a dreamer, has always been turning and churning out ideas but I always seemed to hit a couple of stop signs...passion about any of these home based business's and start up costs.

The dreaded school days & eeking my way through life:

I had some but not a lot of interest in these home based business's that were listed. Years go by and I decide to go to Cosmetology school at the age of 26. Better late than never! Many times I wanted to run out of the building and never go back. I was tired from going to school for 8 hours a day then to work for 5 or 6 more hours after that, 5 days a week, plus work through the weekends. I had to kick my own ass to get to school everyday. I'm known to myself for giving up. I couldn't let that happen again!! I persevered and graduated 12 months later, the last in my class of 26 :( Hey I had some hours to make up from staying home some days to sleep.

The never ending struggle:

I worked in a few salons over the years while still waiting tables (ugh). At one point I took a year off from hairdressing because I hated it. I felt so alone. I reached out to friends that were hairdresser's but just couldn't find the help I needed to give me the confidence to touch someone's hair. I realized I'm the only one that is going to make me great at what I do. Bring on self education!! Around that same time frame, I decided to swallow my pride and work for a get'em in get'em out franchise since they had a thorough training program. It reinforced what I had learned back in school. The perk was one on one training. I learn a little differently, I see and comprehend techniques differently than others. Working at that franchise was the best decision I ever made for my career!


Just shy of a couple years, I got the itch to be more Independent. I like to be in control of ME! What can I say, I'm a #bosslady.

I took an interest in Booth Renting and paid to take a webinar on the subject. I immediately became excited and started searching in my area to see if anyone was looking to lease a station to an Independent Stylist. It was my lucky day! My Cosmetology Instructor from school was filling stations at her Salon!! We met and came to terms under a contract. They were the best years of my life:)

My be continued